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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Cyclovia comes to Melbourne

I just got back from Cyclovia in which Sydney road was closed to traffic for half the day and only cyclist, pedestrians and trams were allowed through.

Here are some photos from the event.



The event was very enjoyable, and I really liked the ride from Fistzroy Street to Brunswick. I did have to stop myselft from yelling out "Make public transport public" when the transport Minister Peter Bachelor got up to speak on "sustainable transport". It seems as though Yarra Council is also interested in the concept. I think it would be great to do something similar in Yarra, maybe close off Brunswick and Smith streets.

Coffee Art

My partner and I were shopping on Bridge Road Richmond and decided to stop for a coffee. We chose a backery cafe and ordered a flat white. We could not believe it when we were presented with said flat white.


Yes that's right not only have they done the whole funky thing with the frothed milk, but they'd even gone to the extent of writing the words "Flat White" in the top right hand corner. I think that's going just a little too far.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Alexander Downer Memorial sale

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Well, the flying bike has been removed, it didn't take long, but Fitzroy never ceases to surprise me. This is the sight that greeted me at the local nursery as I waited for a tram into the city yesterday morning.

It is the Alexander Downer Memorial AWB Kickback SALE. I don't think Alexander Downer will ever live down those fishnet stockings.... just please don't do a song and dance routine for us Alex.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Fitzroys Flying Bike day 2

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I've decided to follow the progress of Fitzroys prestigious flying bike. It is still there 1 day after I first noticed it, and I still have no idea who did it, what it's purpose is, or how long it will stay there. I'd love to hear some ideas from readers.... (OK who am I fooling... Reader if I'm lucky) on this topic.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Fitzroy's Flying Bike

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When I work from home I have a ritual of walking down to the local coffee shop, buying a coffee and then walking back before starting work, it's kinda like seperating work from home, I leave home, lock up and start my journey to work, on the way I buy a coffee, and then I head to work, which just so happens to be home.

This morning on the way to work, I discovered this site. Luckily I had my phone with me.
Is it art? Is it a practical joke? Knowing Brunswick Street either is possible. I'm just curios how long it's going to last there.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Fairfield Boat House

I'm currently on a well deserved holiday, and yesterday I took the opportunity to go for a noce ride. Wasn't sure where I would end up, but I found a lovely spot called the Fairfield Boat House.

Fairfield Boat House

I sat and had a coffee and scones while I read my book, and defended my scones from a very hingry minor bird

Hungry Minor Bird