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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Governors Beach



The weather has been fairly hot, averaging in the high 30's, so Niki's parents decided to take us to Governors beach. No surprise that it got it's name because one of the British Governors of Cyprus when it was a colony took a fancy to it, and decided to claim it. I must admit that I have a particular habit of comparing any beach I come across in the world to my home beaches in Newcastle, and I find I am almost always dissapointed. The sand was coarse and dark grey in colour, and it is not a surf beach. All that aside, it was nice to go for a swim, and cool off.

One thing that I noticed that got me thinking was the beach chairs. The beach chairs were placed all along the beach, anyone could use them.

Governor's Beach

I also noticed Niki's family dragging some of the chairs together, and a plastic table that was near by for us all to sit around and have lunch at. Their sense of civic duty also compelled them to drag the beach chairs back to where they were originally, ready for the next set of visitors. Apparently the local council is charged with providing and maintaining these beach chairs, and it really struck me as odd that I couldn't imagine this type of thing happening in Australia. I have seen beach chairs in Australia, but they are usually hired out, and I think that potential theft or mindless vandalism would be cited as reasons for not having the councils provide and care for them. Makes me wonder what we are not doing right in Australia.

Niki sleeping at Governor's Beach


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