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Saturday, September 18, 2004

Labor's education policy

Congratulations Mark Latham on recognising the gross inequality between the elite private schools and the rest of the education system. It is a serious disgrace to Ausrtalia that we have a few elite private schools catering for 5% of children that are exceptionally well off and have a vast amount of resources at their disposal when we have other schools that are struggling to offer basic library services to their students.
I have nothing against parents wanting the very best for their children, but I firmly believe that a basic level of education is a right for every individual in our society that out weighs the right for any individual to decide that their child has to go to a school that has its own swimming pool, rifle range, hockey oval and tennis courts.
My motherhood statement on the role of education in society is that "Without a decent level of public education, democracy becomes a joke".
If rich parents want to send their children to "only the best" private school, then they have the right to fund it themselves and NOT to expect the government to spend as much on funding their child's schooling when other children are being denied even the most basic of facilities.
If it really means that much to you, then cancel your family holiday to Europe this year and go to Wilsons Promontory instead and put the money you saved back into your children's education, don't expect the government to fund your private schools new state of the art computer lab when other schools are scrounging to have 1 computer per class room.


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