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Monday, November 29, 2004

Singapore 2 - Sore feet

We have trekked all over Singapore now, and my feet are extremely sore.

Being in little India, we had to sample the local Indian food, there are so many restaurants, but I decided to test a theory that seems to work pretty well in Melbourne. I have noticed that in Melbourne, the restaurants on the main street are pretty average, but if you go down some of the back streets and alley ways, you tend to find some really fantastic ones. We took a slight detour off the main road were there were plenty of restaurants, and found a place that was full of Indian people eating. The only problem was that they weren't using any cutlery. Fingers seemed to be the preferred method of placing food into the correct orifice, and it looked very messy. Niki was worried about this at first, but consoled herself with the realisation that the waiter obviously realised we were tourists and would bring us cutlery. He did, but what Niki didn't count on was that the Indian woman next to us would be so amused by the sight of cutlery that her laughter would be enough to shame both of us into trying it the traditional way. This said, we both made a mess but had a ball, and the food was absolutely fantastic, and pretty cheap too, at just $4 (Singapore dollars) for each meal.

Today was spent navigating the train network, and I must say, Singapore has the best train system I have seen so far (true, I have only Melbourne, Sydney Buenos Aires and New York that I can really compare it to), but it was so easy to find our way around, and the ticketing system is excellent.

Anyway, I'm dribbling, must go and find somewhere for dinner, we leave for Cyprus at 4:00 am in the morning.


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