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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Political satire as therapy

A friend and I have been using a political satire blog as therapy as we observe the sad state of Australian politics.

The name (loosley derived from the American sitcom "Everybody Loves Raymond"), was inspired by the events around the last federal election, and the concept is that we have cast various famous actors for the roles of all the politicians that have made the news in the past few weeks, and then put our spin on what we think really happens behind closed doors, in cabinet meetings and in parliament itself. It's a bit of fun, and ranges from the rediculous to the sublime.

The latest episode is I think one of our best, and contains a number of guest appearances. Those familiar with the BBC comedy Absolute Power may recognise the inclusion of the dynamic duo of british PR Prentiss McCabe. We also have Molly Melldrum to an album review of a new offering from Peter Garrett.

Check it out

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