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Monday, October 01, 2007

Lunch at Gocos's home


Every one of Niki's Aunts and Uncles were keen to have us over for a meal. This is partly to show off their great cooking skills, and partly just to have an excuse to get everyone together and enjoy one of the favourite Cypriot pass times... eating lots of really good food.

Gocos (Cyproit version of George) is Niki's Uncle on her mothers side, and I was particularly keen to go to his house for lunch as he impressed me with his cooking skills last time we were here. So at 1pm we arrived at Gocos's house. Gocos was dressed in only in his shorts, and wearing his enormous belly like a badge of honour indicating just how good a cook he is. He was also wearing his trademark smile showing just how jovial a character he is. He had the outside oven (fourni) on since 9am that morning cooking Kleftiko (Goat) and potatoes. He removed the mud from around the oven door that was sealing in the heat, and took a look at the contents, it smelt awesome. He then took bits of Kleftiko and potato out of one of the pots that was in the oven, and we sat around on the back steps drinking beer and doing a thorough job of quality assuring the food.


We sprinkled some salt and lemon juice on the Kleftiko. The tangy taste of the salt and lemon juice hitting my tongue was only surpassed by the softness and juicyness of the Kleftiko as it melted in my mouth. The potatoes were cooked to perfection, holding there shape just long enough to get to my mouth, and then exploding into mush in my mouth having soaked up the wonderful flavours of the goat. Eventually we tired of the quality assuring and moved inside for the main round.

Gocos is famous for his octopus which he had made again, he'd also made some squid, a lovely tabouli, Canaloni, Vine leaf Dolmas, Ravioli, the list goes on and on. I told Gocos that I wanted to start a restaurant with him as head chef, and me as the apprentice, and I wouldn't even ask for any pay, just for 1 meal a day from whatever he was cooking. He seemed to liked the idea.


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