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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Friday 3-12-04

Payed a quick visit to one of Niki's aunties for coffee and internet access. We were force fed all kinds of delicious sweets.
Went to the hair dressers (apparently this is a sibling bonding ritual that Niki & her sister do every time she visits, I just desperately needed a haircut). Booked flights to Athens for the 10th to the 19th. We decided to cook our red pepper beef for everyone. After dinner we were sitting around and Niki's auntie Evangalia called to say she was making golokopita (sweet pumpkin pies) and wanted us to come around not so much to help, but for the experience. We sat around drinking zivania (a very strong spirit traditional to Cyprus, otherwise known by the locals as fire water), eating sweets, talking politics, and eventually making golokopita, which of course we ate 15 minutes later when they were cooked. I'm starting to get worried about cramming myself into the economy class plane seat with all the weight I'm going to put on this trip.


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