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Friday, July 25, 2008

Duende (Writing Task)

This weeks writing task was on "Duende". Duende is a term coined by Federico Garcia Lorca to describe a certain spiritual intensity of a creative performer. This intensity comes often from a very dark place and goes beyond any concepts of artistic proficiency. It lifts the observer to another place, beyond the physical realm. The only way to truly understand the concept of Duende is to experience it. So here's my piece.


Duende happens. Duende surprises. I sit enjoying a drink at a milonga chatting to my friends. There are no expectations, no idea that something spiritual is going to happen. I mean how can an atheist experience the spiritual?
Waiting for a tango orchestra to start, I'd heard them before, at the markets in front of the church. The piano was out of tune, the sound was tossed and broken on the wind. I had no expectations. I even hear one of the bandeneon players practicing at 11am in our apartment building when I'm debating getting out of bed.
The orchestra starts, the piano is still out of tune, but they have duende.


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