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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Athens - Chaos 9th & 10th dec

Niki gave me some very sage advice the other day, 'Never drive in a country who's language you can't swear in'. I saw the full meaning of this when we arrived in Athens. The sheer volume & constancy of the traffic made Melbourne's peak hour seem like sunday afternoon driving, add to this the hundreds of motor scooters & tiny little cars and 3 wheeled mini trucks zipping in and around all the other traffic, and the unspocken road rule of 'motor scooter beats pedestrian, car beats motor scooter, truck beats car', and I didn't feel safe on the chaotic streets of Athens. Our objective in Athens (at least at this end of our journey) was to hunt down a milonga (tango social dance night). We found one not far from our hotel that started at 10:30pm and went til 4:30am. We're getting old, so we piked out at around 2am.
The next day we met up with Niki's cousin Andreas, then headed off for Volos.


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