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Tuesday, January 11, 2005


One of Niki's cousins 6 year old Christos doesn't speak any English, so I was at a loss as to how to make any kind of a connection with him, until I noticed him bouncing a soccer ball around the room. I signaled to him using gestures that I would like to go outside and kick the soccer ball around with him. It's surprising how 'goal' is understood in pretty much every language. After about 10mins of play I was called in for some dessert. Christos followed me inside and waited patiently.... for about 3 minutes then went up to his mum and asked (in Greek) 'how do you say 'ella' in english' a few seconds later he comes up to me and says 'come Scott', and gestured for me to go back out and play more soccer with him. I think I not only broke through the language barrier but also made a friend.


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