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Tuesday, December 21, 2004


We traveled by train from Athens to Volos on Saturday the 11th of December, a 5 hour journey. We arrived at about 11pm & went straight to our cheap hotel. On Sunday morning we had breakfast by the sea, then walked along the peer past all the local fisherman. It was amazing to see all the little villages nestled up in the hills behind us. Just after midday we caught a bus up the mountain side to one of the villages called Portaria.

The scenery was absolutely spectacular as we wound our way up the mountain, and there was some really amazing looking houses built into the mountain, and jutting out into what seemed like mid air.

We found a Taverna and sat down to a magnificent meal. The kind of meal where every mouthful is a spectacular sensation, but you insist on not finishing the meal, because to finish would leave you feeling bloated and spoil the experience. They also had a really nice wine, made locally and poured from the barrel.

By the time we were leaving Volos the next day, I was wishing I could spend a couple of weeks there, the place had such a beautiful feel, and the mountains were just such a relaxing peaceful place.


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