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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Cyprus - the politics 2

There have been a number of attempts to re-unit the divided Cyprus since the war in 1974, all of which have failed. The latest was the plan put forward by Kofi Anan. I have little idea what the details of the plan involved, but from what I was told by the Greek Cypriots, it was extremely unfair to them, and consequently when it was put to a vote about 9 months ago, the result was more than 80% of the population voting NO to accepting the Anan plan.
It was on the news in Australia, but ever so briefly, but even though it was 9 months ago, the evidence was still all around in Cyprus. The most common form of political activism seems to be graffiti.

"No to Anan" (ie no to the Anan plan) - Nicosia

"No to the betrayal" - Limasol

"No for our children's sake" - Limasol


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