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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Liberal voters have been duped

This article is to all those people who voted Liberal in the last election because of the interest rate scare campaign that the Liberal government used to buy mortgage belt votes.

As predicted by most economists before the election, the reserve bank will raise interest rates regardless of who's in government (refer to article in the age). It is obvious even to me that the government in power has so little to do with interest rates, that it isn't worth considering this as an election issue at all.
So thanks to you, not only are we still stuck with rising interest rates, but we have the Howard governments inhumane treatment of asylum seekers (as well as mentally ill people who happen to speak another language other than English), but the Liberals now have a majority in both houses, and can introduce industrial relations legislation to further increase the woes of the Aussie battler.
Thanks a lot.


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